You know…

That moment when you’re prepping your next blog post…it’s almost ready to be published and shared.  You’re thinking “Yes, I’m on roll tonight!”  You know… that rare time you are actually making sense and the words are flowing out like…pure silky smooth ganache.  It’s a thing of pure beauty…

Then you hit some stupid random key that comes out of …like nowhere and just like that, you feel like your brain seized! You want to cry as you frantically try to remember what you just wrote…try to see what the last thing you “copied and pasted” was only to see it was the link to a video of a cat enjoying being pushed across the floor with a mop! Yea, cute…but not helping!

 Then, you think “Well, let me start over” only to look over at the clock and it’s just past midnight…

And you gotta get up early for work tomorrow today…Doh!

Yea, THAT just happened!

What are your thoughts?

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