Fall Leaf

Leaf - 3D Cookie Cutter

$3.50 - $6.50

Cutter Sizes are approximately based on the longest length of the cutter shown. Each 3D Cookie Cutter is made using Food Safe PLA filament and printed once the order is placed. Each cutter is constructed with a wide handle to ensure a good, comfortable grip. Height of most cutters is 15-18mm. Cutters are made for Cookiers by a fellow Cookier. Cutter Care: Gently Wash in Lukewarm Soapy Water and Air Dry. To Prevent Warping: DO NOT Soak in Hot Water. DO NOT Place in Dishwasher. DO NOT Use on Hot Cookies. Keep Away From ALL Sources of Heat. If you have any issues with your cutter, please reach out to us for assistance. Need a specific size not listed, let us know!

  • Cookie Cutters
  • Fall
  • Floral & Garden

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