Velvety Italian Tiramisu Mini Trifle Cups

April 19, 2022 |

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[text](link)textIt's been raining outside off and on for the past couple of days and don't get me wrong, I love rainy days…but I need something indulgent to snack on as I watch those droplets bounce around.There's just something soothing about it that I can't explain.Take these Velvety Italian Tiramisu Mini Trifle Cups, for example…which complete me, but they taste even better if you're wearing your pj's and comfy robe and I'm so not kidding either! They simply go together. I have tried making a couple different versions of Tiramisu but they were not very tasty.Then I came across this one and let me tell you, it's pretty unbelievable.

After making a pan of this absurdly divine coffee concoction for the family, I had a thought.Going back to being in my pj's, why not make this Tiramisu "to go"? You know, make it transportable.This way, it would go with me from the kitchen to the living room then eventually, to my bedroom for when I go catch up on my TV shows before bed.Y'all know it is almost considered crazy to not have a bedtime snack, right?Well, now you do! It was difficult finding the lady fingers here in town locally so I ordered these Forno Bonomi Savoiardi Lady Fingers and they are wonderful! With these, you can make Tiramisu twice…yeah!My favorite espresso is this one, Medaglia D'Oro. I used these 5 oz Stemmed Wine Cups as my Mini Trifles…aren't they the cutest! If you have an Amazon account, use Prime Shipping to save!

Italian Tiramisu

Since it yielded quite a bit of cream, I decided to use the leftovers and make mini trifle cups!!! For this, I had to break apart the remaining lady fingers so they would fit into the little cups.And, I didn't have enough espresso to soak them in, so I had to make a little more, but that is super easy and took almost no time at all.

Italian Tiramisu

Next, I began layering the soaked fingers (that sounds weird) and the cream, alternating them in three cycles.Start with the soaked lady fingers, then add just enough cream to cover them up.Repeat two more times and refrigerate them for at least four hours or overnight.Before serving, remove them from the fridge and place one soaked lady finger on top then dust with a little Cocoa Powder.

Italian Tiramisu

Viola! You've got yourself a lovely, yet convenient, snack that'll go wherever you do.Isn't that peachy!Now, dive right in and feel free to lick the bowl…err, cup should you need to.Or just go ahead and grab another one, I won't judge you.

Italian Tiramisu

I mean c'mon, just take a peek at all that creamy goodness!!!

Italian Tiramisu

To show you the process of putting it together, both the pan and the trifle cups, I made a little video to help you out. Tiramisu Video

The recipe I used is not overly complicated, so don't let it scare you off.It is slightly adapted from Chef Dennis Littley found here. I am sharing it with you here on this post for ease of access.If you have a Tiramisu recipe you're already attached to, then by all means use it. No harm no foul and all that stuff, right.


  • Egg Yolks, room temp,
  • Sugar, granulated,
  • Mascarpone Cheese,
  • Heavy Whipping Cream,
  • Italian Lady Fingers (more or less),
  • Espresso, strong and cold,
  • Kahlua (optional),
  • Cocoa Powder, for dusting,
  • Vanilla Bean Paste,


Prepping Dish

  1. Combine cold espresso and Kahlua in a wide shallow bowl. Set aside. Have a baking dish readily available.
  2. Fill a small saucepan with approximately 1 inch of water and bring to a boil. Once boiling, reduce heat to a simmer. In a glass bowl, stir egg yolks and sugar together. Place bowl over simmering water but do not let it touch the water. Stir mixture continually as it cooks, for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and transfer to a larger mixing bowl, or the bowl of a stand mixer.
  3. In a separate bowl, or deep measuring cup, whip cream and vanilla bean paste to stiff peaks. Set aside.; Going back to the egg and sugar mixture, whip it on high until it thickens and turns to a pale yellow color (doesn't take long). Add Mascarpone and beat to combine well.
  4. Gently fold the whipped cream into the egg and mascarpone mixture and set aside.

Assembling Baking Dish

  1. Dip each lady finger into the espresso just long enough to get it wet, but do not over soak. To make the bottom layer, arrange each dipped lady finger next to each other until the bottom of the pan has a single layer.
  2. Spoon and spread half of the cream filling over the lady fingers. When making the second layer, place the dipped lady fingers to lay crisscrossed to the bottom layer. Spread remaining cream filling over this second layer.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight. Before serving, dust the top with cocoa.

Assembling Mini Trifles

  1. Break each dry lady finger into 3-4 pieces.
  2. Dip each piece into the espresso mix.
  3. Place 3 pieces on the bottom of each trifle cup.
  4. Spoon some cream filling on top to cover.
  5. Repeat process 2 more times.
  6. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight.
  7. Save and refrigerate remaining espresso mixture. Before serving, dip one lady finger piece and place on top of each trifle. Dust with cocoa powder.

Recipe slightly adapted from:  Chef Dennis Littley here

Cori - xoxo