Deliciously Easy Ranch Dressing Breadsticks

February 26, 2018 |

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I love simple recipes that are not only delicious but make my life easier. That's what these Ranch Dressing Breadsticks are all about…Delicious AND Easy! The fact that they only require three to four ingredients is all the more reason to add them to your dinner menu tonight.

I have been making these Ranch Dressing Breadsticks since around the time I tied the knot…yeah, many a moon ago! And although I can't remember where I got it from originally, it's a recipe my family still loves and makes. When we have family and/or friends over, we end up making two to three batches of these breadsticks (depending on group size) and it's rare to have any remaining!

Ranch Dressing Breadsticks

These Ranch Dressing Breadsticks are packed with flavor! They are soft, buttery and perfectly balanced with a pleasant Ranch flavor that just melts in with the butter. To help crisp the bottom, I placed the bread halves directly on the oven rack without using a baking sheet. This results in giving the breadsticks a flakey and mildly crunchy outer shell. In case you didn't notice, the breadsticks have a light sprinkle of Parmesan Cheese on them, which is something I do occasionally. My husband LOVES this addition so if you're a fellow Parmesan addict, you might want to give it a try with it as well…so then, it would be more like four ingredients if you're keeping count, haha. If you're a bread lover, take a look at my Garlic Butter Baguette Crisps recipe for another delicious option.

A Quick Run Down: Ranch Dressing Breadsticks

To start with, you'll need a loaf of French Bread from your local grocery store or bakery.

French Bread

Using a serrated bread knife, carefully slice the loaf in half lengthwise and then dust off the crumbs.

French Bread

Next, take softened butter and mix with the Ranch Dressing Dip Mix powder until thoroughly blended and smooth. I only use half of the package contents and save the rest for something else.


Ranch paste

Place both bread halves in the oven, butter side up, directly on a centered oven rack. Bake. Remove from oven onto a cutting board and cut into strips, or however you like. Serve immediately.

Ranch Dressing Breadsticks Ranch Dressing Breadsticks Ranch Dressing Breadsticks


  • 1 loaf French Bread
  • 1 stick Butter or Margarine, room temperature
  • .5 oz Ranch Dip Mix (powder) * (I used Hidden Valley Ranch)
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (optional)


  1. Preheat oven to 400 (F) degrees. Slice bread loaf in half lengthwise. Dust off any crumbs.
  2. Combine butter with ranch dip mix powder and mix until thoroughly blended and smooth.
  3. Divide butter mixture in half and spread evenly over each of the two bread halves.
  4. Place both bread halves directly on a centered oven rack and bake for approximately 7-10 minutes **.
  5. Remove from oven and sprinkle parmesan cheese (if using) over bread right away. Cut into strips and serve immediately. 

Ranch Dressing Powder: The package of dressing is about one ounce but for this recipe, I only use half of the contents. If you really, really love ranch flavor, feel free to use the entire package for a stronger Ranch flavor but I only use half of it and save the remaining powder for something else. I recommend trying out half the package and then increase it next time if you feel the flavor wasn't strong enough for your palate. If you do use the entire package, the one stick of butter works fine with it.

Baking Time: Because ovens vary, keep an eye while baking the breadsticks to prevent burning them. I recommend checking for doneness at the 7 minute mark. You'll want to make sure the butter has melted through before removing from the oven but you'll also want to look at the bottom of the loaves. They should have a light golden browning to the bottoms and the edges when ready. 

Cori - xoxo