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January 19, 2018 |

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It seems that lately, there have been quite a few requests for Decorated Mermaid Cookie Sets. This indicates that the Mermaid trend is still running strong among little girls! Well that and Unicorns but today, I'm going to focus on the Sand Dollar Cookie that accompany's the Mermaid Set. Sand Dollar Cookies are not all that difficult to make, really, I consider them to be the easiest one in the set. Why's that? Because sand dollars are already white in color so there's no need to tint the icing. Also, the design is quite simple, which is a perfect starting point for beginner cookie decorators.

Sand Dollar Cookies

Here's a snippet of what the Decorated Sand Dollar Cookies looks like. At the end of the post, I'll share what the entire set looks like as a whole. The sand dollars are easy AND…they complement the rest of the set!

What you'll Need

  • Round Cookie Cutter

  • White 17 second icing for flooding

  • White piping consistency icing fitted with a #2 piping tip

  • Tinted piping consistency icing fitted with a #1.5 piping tip {optional}

  • Round confetti sprinkles

  • Gold luster dust {optional}

    If you're a stickler for accuracy and desire to have the actual cookie in the shape of a sand dollar, then you'll need a cutter such as this one here. Since I have so many cutters already, I opted to use this round one like this one here or the one in this set, which is totally cute!!!

Getting Started

Bake cookies and allow to cool completely before proceeding to decorate. While they cool, make icing and the two consistencies, piping and flooding. Here's also when you tint the icing if planning on adding color, like photo above. Otherwise, using all white is perfectly fine.

Sand Dollar Cookies

Starting with piping icing that has been fitted with a #2 tip, pipe out the sand dollar shape (pic #2). Next, pipe out the "holes" in the center (pic #3). Proceed to flood the cookie with the 17-second icing (pic #4).

Sand Dollar Cookies

If using gold luster dust, spray or sprinkle it on the wet icing immediately (pic #1) then allow the icing to set. Using a #1.5 piping tip fitted on the piping consistency icing, begin adding the "loop" details between the "holes" (pic #2 and #3). Quickly place the round confetti sprinkle in the center, on top of the still wet icing (pic #4). Allow to set completely.

Sand Dollar Cookies

The Sand Dollar Cookies don't only go with Mermaid Themed parties, they shine on their own in any beach themed event. Think along the lines of a Beach Themed Wedding or Bridal Shower! They'd be a perfect fit on those dessert tables. And since they can be easily customized, they are a fun and easy choice to go with. For example:

  • Luster dust - Do or Don't. If you do, there are a wide variety of colors to choose from. It doesn't need to be Gold! Or don't use any color at all!
  • Detail color options - The "loops" can be left white or can be whatever color the theme calls for!
  • Round sprinkle color options - Keep them white or choose a color that fits party theme. They can also be painted Gold or Silver for added flair!

Sand Dollar Cookie Tool Tips

I use a nifty little pump tool to help spray the luster dust on the cookies and it has been super handy because these dusts can easily make a mess! You can get the small one here and the larger one here. I love these dust pumps as they've helped me keep from wasting so much product!! Whether using white or tinted icing, be sure to fit icing bag with the #1.5 tip on the piping consistency icing when piping the loops. It'll yield a thinner line when piped onto the cookie. I find using the #2 for these details is too big and depending on how close the "holes" are, the icing might run together and look messy. When allowing my icing to set, I place flooded cookies on a cookie tray on the counter with a heater fan blowing on them. This helps speed up the process of getting the icing set, which is about 30 minutes or so, before moving on to the next step. Without a fan, the setting time takes longer, as in a couple hours longer depending on the humidity. {Oh, bonus tip: Using a heater fan immediately after flooding cookies also helps reduce the risk of cookie craters as well. NO ONE likes cookie craters!} I know so many of us use Amazon Prime and just as a heads up, most of the tools I used in this post can also be found in My Amazon Store! If you are interested in placing an order for Sand Dollar Cookies, Mermaid Cookies or just cookies in general, fill out the form in the Contact Me page.

Sand Dollar Cookie Clip

As promised at the onset of this post, here are a couple of the Decorated Mermaid Cookie Sets. Aren't they cute and perfect for any little Mermaid!!! One thing common in this set is that the colors are almost always consistent, with slight changes in colors. Keep in mind, though, that when making customized cookies, they are made to order using whatever colors you request! I recently made a set with more purples and blues, but in the darker shades! It was such a pretty color combination and I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo 😟

Sand Dollar Cookies

Sand Dollar Cookies

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Cori - xoxo