Spiced Chocolate Gingerbread

My Favorite Spiced Chocolate Gingerbread Recipe

Toscana Soup

Toscana Soup – A Copycat Favorite

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie Cake Bars

Chocolate Gingerbread Cookie Cake Bars #Choctoberfest

Edible Succulent & Cacti Cupcakes

Succulents are trending and beloved for their ease of care.  They are popular and can be found in almost every garden, including mine.  Today, I will show you how I made these Edible Succulent & Cacti Cupcakes. Now, these may seem intimidating […] Continue reading

Celebrating Love ~ A Sweet Bridal Peony Cake

Last week was crazy and hectic.  Well at least the weekend was.  It started with my in-laws moving into a new apartment and ended with a Surprise 10th Anniversary party.  In between that, there was more love involving this Peony Cake! I […] Continue reading

Decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

Today is the day.  THE day I share something completely indulgent and full of chocolate. This decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Cake recipe is up for grabs today.  I’m sharing both the cake and buttercream recipes in this post!  Yay!!! When I finished making this […] Continue reading

Pantry Raid Cheesy Beef Noodle Casserole

Ever have one of those days when you have no idea what to make for dinner?  You know, the days where you’re basically running around like a chicken without a head. Completely forgetting to think ahead and plan for tonight’s family meal. […] Continue reading

Easy White Chocolate Macadamia Cupcakes

You know the cookies with the white chocolate chips that happen to also have a slight crunch? I made those today but in cupcake form.  These Easy & Delicious White Chocolate Macadamia Cupcakes were quite a surprise for my hubby, who happens […] Continue reading

You Are My World Cookie How To with Video

One of my all time favorite things to do is make cookies.  Actually, it’s to make Custom Decorated Cookies.  Maybe I’m just weird but there’s just something about it that is soothing and calming to me.  The setback, I find, is letting […] Continue reading

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