How to Make Colorful Paint Palette Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, I got a request to make Paint Palette Cookies for a little girls party.  Of course I jumped at the chance.  I mean, c’mon, it’s a painting party, y’all!  So today, I decided to share a short little tutorial on How to Make Colorful Paint Palette Cookies with you guys.

These paint palette cookies are not difficult to make.  Use any choice of colors and however many of them you want.  Make the paint splashes small or large if that’s what your little heart desires. Just keep in mind that the cookie palette itself will only hold so many but other than that, design how you wish.

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In case you didn’t already know, I have an Etsy Shop where I have a few different cookie designs listed for purchase.  I work with customers to create a cookie that is sure to fit whatever theme/event you are planning, from Anniversaries, Bridal & Weddings to Baby Showers and Birthdays, there’s a cookie I can create for you!  So feel free to message me thru my Etsy Shop or send me a message through my Contact Me page and I will happily be in touch for your cookie needs!

Okay, so back to these Paint Cookies and how you can make these at home yourself if you so desire.  I used this Art Palette Cookie Cutter for this set.  It is a 3D cutter that I purchased from my friend Tracy over at her Etsy Shop.  Guys, she’s got so many cutters available and I highly recommend them.  Her Etsy shop is Whisked Away Cutters and her cutters are made with cookie decorators in mind.  They are sturdy and so easy to handle…I just love them!

Paint Palette Cookies

To begin, cut out your cookie shapes and bake them.  While they cool, make and tint your icing.  Choose whatever colors you want.  The tinted icing needs to be somewhere between flooding and piping consistency, which is more of a “medium” thickness.  I used a 20-second icing consistency for each of the tinted colors.

With white piping consistency icing, outline the cookie and leave a “thumb hole” in the upper narrower side of the cookie.  Flood the base of the cookie with white 17-second icing consistency and allow it to dry.  To help speed up the process, I placed the flooded cookies in front of a heated fan for an hour.  Then begin applying the paint puddles and splashes.

Make messy little puddles with surrounding splatters.  Use a scribe or toothpick to help shape and smooth the paint puddle before moving on to the next color.  Here’s a Step by Step visual for you:

Once all the colors have been applied, allow the cookie to dry completely, overnight preferred.  When the cookies are ready, it’s time to add the final details.

Using the fine tip end of this Rainbow Dust Black Food Pen, draw short spaced lines along the outer edge of the entire cookie and then again in the inner “thumb hole” section.  Using the same marker, trace the shape of each paint puddle and little splatter marks as is shown in the picture below.

And that’s it.  It is a little time consuming depending on how many of these cookies you’re making.  The more colors you add to the palette, the longer it will take. They are really fun to make and seeing the excitement on little party go-er faces makes the hard work so worth the effort!

23 responses to “How to Make Colorful Paint Palette Cookies”

  1. realmofvibes says:

    Amazing. Seriously amazing. I don’t know if I would have the patience to make these, but they are gorgeous!

    • Cori says:

      Thank you. Crazy because it’s actually a stress reliever for me. It helps when I just put my “old” music on my iTunes and everyone just leaves me alone, lol 🙂

  2. Cori says:

    So adorable!!! You did a fantastic job! Love it

  3. kels says:

    Oh my gosh, these are amazing!!!! I can’t believe you did this yourself… I am queen of pinterest fails when it comes to pretty sweet treats. You must have the steadiest hands, lol. I will have to share this with my artist friends!

    • Cori says:

      Aww, that’s sweet of you to say! But no, I have very shaky hands because of my Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I don’t make many video tutorials because it’s very noticeable. So I stick to picture collages and only do videos when I’m having a good day lol 😉

  4. sunshineandholly says:

    These are just beautiful!! My kids would love them!

    • Cori says:

      Aww, thank you very much, I appreciate it. Most lil ones do! My little nephew is always checking in with me to see if I have extras, lol. He’s my biggest fan 🙂

  5. cakeryriann says:

    I think these look absolutely fab – what a great little cutter!

    I really like the ‘pop art’ feel of the black detailing with the edible pen. I’m kind of torn over whether I think I prefer them with or without the black detailing though. It looks fab, they sort of look cuter with it but more fancy without it? Does that makes sense. Amazing work!!!

    • Cori says:

      Thank you! Your comment totally makes sense. I WAS torn about adding the black details! After adding all the colors, I kept looking at them and they just didn’t feel “right” and I struggled trying to decide whether to leave them alone or add something. It felt like they were missing something. Lol. Once I added the details with the edible marker though, it just felt complete 🙂

  6. MONNKA says:

    Wow! They really look great! I’ve tried Icing once, it’s really an interesting product for me. Honestly, I expected to do well, but it took me a few hours to get used to the aicing.

    • Cori says:

      Yes there’s a learning curve to it. Consistency is key and it just takes practice. I’ve been making these cookies for quite a while and am still learning. Keep at it and you’ll get the handle on it. Thank you 😉

  7. Alisa_ewert says:

    Learning new recipes is not easy it takes time to achieve that perfect level but if you have good guide everything is possible. Thank You admin

  8. Lisa says:

    wow, that is brilliant, how perfect to go with a paint party…this totally gets me thinking about a paint night I’m doing…i never thought of a theme to the refreshments or that someone out there would like to do this…total good idea, thank you!

  9. omgpale says:

    These are soooo beautiful! How talented!

  10. La Shell says:

    OMG these are awesome! My God daughter’s birthday is coming up in November and I think that I’d make these! I’m not the best baker but I’d give it a shot!

  11. Esse D says:

    These are so incredibly cute and clever! I wish I knew an artist to make them for. This would be cute as a refreshment at an art show or launch.

  12. These are very pretty and cute! You have so much talent, not only for cooking, but also for baking and decorating! (of course, writing too!) You inspire me!

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