About Me!

Cori Pullin

I’m a Texas girl at heart! I wasn’t born in Texas but it became my stomping ground shortly afterward!

Growing up, sweet treats were extremely rare but I decided to change that one day! I convinced my grandmother to buy me a cake mix to try out…must’ve been around 13-14 years of age or so and boy did it light a fire within me. I took Home-Ec in Junior High…then Journalism in High School – My 2 loves, I might add.

Fast forward 20 something years later…here I am baking and blogging! Although it all started with a simple cake recipe…today, I whip up just about anything but my specialty is Decorated Cookies!

I also love a GREAT deal and find it’s something I believe we all can appreciate, especially when raising a family. With that in mind, I’d love for you to follow my baking and blogging journey, thereby allowing me to inspire, teach, encourage and share with you…well, everything!

Feeling Inspired?

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