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You Are My World Cookie How To with Video

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One of my all time favorite things to do is make cookies.  Actually, it’s to make Custom Decorated Cookies.  Maybe I’m just weird but there’s just something about it that is soothing and calming to me.  The setback, I find, is letting them go.  I always want to keep them.  Forever.   And ever…

Like these that I made for a friend’s anniversary a few weeks ago.  She sent me a couple of pictures to give me an idea of what she wanted and then let me come up with something of my own.  Something to let her husband know how much he meant to her.  This was the design I settled on.  A “You Are My World” Cookie theme set.

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Anniversary Cookie Box Set

I used a Heart shaped cookie cutter for the Earth and a Plaque cutter for the wording.  To complete the set, I then added a few other cookie designs.  To save time, prep ahead of time and tint the Royal Icing in the color palette of choice.  I tint my icing the night before to let the colors develop to my desired shades.  Once tinted, I store and seal them in mason jars like so…

RI Storage Jars

On a side note, I recently purchased Georganne’s (Lila Loa) book, The Cookie Companion and I must say, I love the color combinations inside!  Gorgeous color and shading tips are provided in those precious pages! If you want to up your game, this book is a must have!

After cutting and baking the cookie dough, I used my Rainbo Dust Edible Ink Marker to draw the “land” portion of the earth onto the cooled cookie.  I use this Wilton 3-Tiered Cooling Rack that stacks to cool my cookies.

Foodstirs, Inc

Perfect Color Palette

Using piping consistency icing that is tinted in blue, outline the earth’s “water” area.  Then I used 17 second consistency icing for my flooding in the water area.  Allow the icing to crust over.  I place freshly iced cookies in front of a heated fan on the lowest setting for about 30 minutes.  This is the small Electric Heater Fan that I use.

Once the icing crusted and set up, I used my Air Genie Pro Airbrush and sprayed the “water” area to give it a depth of color.  Place back in front of the heating fan and allow color to set, about 5 minutes, before moving to next step.

In the video you get to see a blooper in making this cookie set.  I clumsily dropped the cookie after airbrushing it, yikes!  It didn’t mess up the color or icing but it has a cookie crumb that chipped off and got stuck to the freshly added color.  To clean it off, just let the airbrushed color dry and then use a paintbrush to remove the crumbs.

The next step is to outline the “land” area of the cookie with piping consistency  icing tinted in the earthy color of your preference.  Then go back to flood the area, again I used 17 second consistency.  Place back in front of the heating fan to crust over.  When the land area was set, I went back to pipe a small heart in the area we live.  I used piping consistency for that.

Sam's Club -IOS

I had to break up the tutorial into two segments because I was having issues uploading it as one :/ I’m sorry.

You Are My World Cookie & Plaque Videos

This World Cookie was part of a bigger cookie set.  It was included with other cookies to make up the Cookie Box she requested for their Anniversary.

Anniversary Cookie Box Set

This is the complete set before I boxed it up for her (above) and then here it is packaged (below).  The box I used for this set I got from BRP Box Shop and they have a couple of colors aside from the brown. I used an Ivory Tulle to complete the look.

Wedding Anniversary Cookie


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  1. Holy talent! These turned out amazing. I’m a cookie baker too (something soothing about it!~) but mine definitely don’t turn out as nice- mainly because I don’t try for presentation. nicely done and so thoughtful!

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