5 Summer Salads

Recipe Round-Up: Five Summer Salads

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Summer’s in full swing and one of the things I love to indulge in this time of year are salads!  Not only are they full of delicious healthy ingredients, they also help make us feel good about what we’re eating and who doesn’t love that!  Today, I am sharing this tasty Recipe Round-Up consisting of […]

Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style

Refreshing Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style

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Sitting here in the backyard sketching cookie designs while I sip on my Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style is nice and quite this time of year.  I’m using a straw because straws make it taste even better on these warm days!  We are mid March and the temperatures down here are already beginning to rise. […]

Chocolatey Indoor S’mores!

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One of the things I’ve always loved about summer is camping. Especially here in Texas, where summer is crazy hot, a nice cold-flowing river is a must! My husband used to go camping every year when growing up.  Me – not so much…but when we started our family, we began taking camping trips.  I’m talking about […]