Back to School: 5 Easy Snacks

Recipe Round-Up: Five Easy Back to School Snacks

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Today’s Recipe Round-Up brings Five Easy Back to School Snacks! It’s September, which means that kids and teachers alike have gone back to school.  School being back in full swing makes everyone hungry, especially right after that bell rings! These 5 great snack recipes will hit the spot and hold you over until dinner is […]

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perfect Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Yesterday, a sweet friend messaged me for this recipe and asked whether she could get it here, on the blog.  Ummm, that is when I realized I had not yet shared this tasty recipe.  This happens to be one of my all time favorite cookies, which for some ridiculous reason, I don’t make often enough! […]

Mexican Rice Pudding

Grandma’s Traditional Atole de Arroz (Mexican Rice Pudding)

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One of my favorite comfort foods growing up was my Grandma’s traditional Atole de Arroz or what’s more commonly known as Mexican Rice Pudding, which to me, just doesn’t roll of the tongue quite the same. This post contains affiliate links and enables me to earn a small commission if you shop through them. This […]