Carne Guisada

Tender Stewed Carne Guisada with Gravy

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I have this habit. Every morning as I make my coffee, my head thinks of two things: 1 – Breakfast  2 – Dinner.  Yeah, annoying I know but I’m a mom and have to think ahead so that I’m not scrambling come dinner time.   Last night, I made tender stewed Carne Guisada with Gravy. […]

Charro Beans

Charro Beans – A Family Tradition

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It’s no secret that my family is of Mexican descent.  With that heritage comes a lot of pressure to be a good cook.  There are a few recipes I remember making with my grandma, one being these Charro Beans – A Family Tradition that I want to pass to my children. Growing up, these were […]

Mexican Elote

Mexican Elote (Corn)

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One of my favorite things to get when we visit Mexico is the Elote.  I live about 20 minutes from the border so in theory, I can have a Mexican Elote whenever I want right?  Wrong.  Even though it is a short drive, it’s still another country altogether.  Meaning there’s a process involved and honestly, […]


Pozole, Posole – Still A Great Dish!

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Baby, it’s actually cold outside! You know what that means…it is time for a something warm and totally satisfying.  A tradition around these parts, as I am sure it is in many others, is a warm bowl of Menudo.  Some, though prefer Pozole, which is basically the same thing with one difference…well, that I am aware of […]