Hot Air Balloon

Flying High Hot Air Balloon Cake

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The other weekend, I was Flying High with this Hot Air Balloon Cake I made for little Luke.  I’ve always wanted to make one of these cakes and I jumped at the chance to do so!  Here’s how I made this cute cake with puffy white clouds and hot air balloons drifting about it.  With […]

Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style

Refreshing Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style

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Sitting here in the backyard sketching cookie designs while I sip on my Iced Tea ~ Palmer Style is nice and quite this time of year.  I’m using a straw because straws make it taste even better on these warm days!  We are mid March and the temperatures down here are already beginning to rise. […]

Basic Vanilla Buttercream

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I woke up today a bit confused – all because it is December and it feels like it is April. I want December type weather!  I want to be able to crank my oven on without feeling like I am in the oven. That’s no bueno!  Take this week’s forecasted highs, for example:  Today 83. Tomorrow 74. Thurs […]