Succulent Cupcakes

Edible Succulent & Cacti Cupcakes

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Succulents are trending and beloved for their ease of care.  They are popular and can be found in almost every garden, including mine.  Today, I will show you how I made these Edible Succulent & Cacti Cupcakes.

Now, these may seem intimidating but I promise you, they really aren’t.  Have all of your tools and ingredients prepped and ready before you begin making these toppers.  Making these gum paste toppers ahead of time is ideal.  It is best to make the rice crispy treats a day or two ahead of time.

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There are several steps involved so let me break it down.  The edible dirt can be made a few days in advance and then stored in an airtight container until ready to use.  Cupcakes should be the last thing you make to ensure freshness.


Cactus/Cacti Construction:

The cacti toppers were made using rice crispy treats.  One individual package makes about three small cacti, perfect for cupcakes!

Divide the rice treat unevenly.  Compress each portion into various shapes…small globe shaped ones as well as tall tree like ones. Once shaped, insert a toothpick into the bottom of each and place on  a sytrofoam cake dummy.  Allow them to dry and firm up overnight.

Rice Crispy Cacti

Foodstirs, Inc

You will need to tint some crusting buttercream frosting green.  Be careful that you do not tint the frosting a shade that looks more like a shrub than cactus.  Not that I did that at first **tee-hee**.  I mixed Americolor Avacado, a small smudge of Americolor Leaf Green then a little bit of Progel Khaki to get my shade.

Always start with a small amount and add more if needed. I used piping tips: PME ST50, Wilton Star tip #’s 1316 and Petal tip # 101 for variety.

Once rice treats have firmed up, fit a small piping bag with desired tip and fill with frosting.  Pipe the frosting on the rice treat and place back on the styrofoam board.  If you are using flowers, place them while the frosting is still soft.

Cacti Icing bag

I used a gum paste flower plunger to cut these cute little flowers out.  It is a lot easier and faster using these.  Just as there’s a variety of flowers, there’s a variety of plunger options.

Sam's Club -IOS

Cactus Picks


Making the Edible Dirt:

Use a 2:1 ratio consisting of Graham Crackers and Oreo cookies.  Two portions of graham crackers to one Oreo. You will need to use the outer cookies only, removing the cream filling.

Depending on quantity of cupcakes, you do not need to make a lot of this dirt.  Break up the graham crackers inside a food processor.  Pulverize them.  Add the Oreo’s and pulverize them again!  Separate the pieces that don’t break down and use them as “rock” decor, if desired.

Edible Dirt

Edible Dirt 2

Gum Paste Succulents:

These succulents were made using a tutorial I found on Cake Central and you can find it here.  I only used the succulent portion of this tutorial, not the cake.

Again, tint you gum paste to the appropriate green color. Have foil squares and paper towels handy.  Foil will be used to form a bowl approximately the size of the succulent.  Use small pieces of folded paper towel to support and allow space between leaves while the gum paste dries up as shown in picture and tutorial.

Gum Paste Succulents

Succulent 2

Succulent 3

Use Food Color Dust/Powder to add a realistic look with a clean paint brush that is strictly reserved for food items.  It is best to do this once the gum paste has fully dried.  Remember to be careful as these do break.


After baking your cupcakes and allowing them to cool completely, begin assembling them.  Have edible dirt in a deep bowl nearby.  Smear a thin layer of frosting over the surface.  Pipe a two layer ring on the outer edge of the cupcake.  Immediately dip each frosted cupcake into the dirt.  Use a spoon to gather the dirt fully along the edge of the cupcake.

Remove from dirt and gently begin shaping a crater with your fingers.  Spoon some dirt in the center.  Take a spoon and make a small well in the middle of the dirt.  Fill with icing and immediately place a succulent/cactus on it.  Remember to warn the consumers about the toothpicks.

Here’s a short video of the process:

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    1. I am a visual learner myself and try to incorporate videos as often as possible. They take a while to put together but if it’ll be a useful teaching tool, then I’m all for it. Thank you ??

  1. This is so unique!! At 1st glance I thought its a plant !! I am sure i not professional like you to try this at home !! Way too nice

    1. Really?!! Yay, I’m happy to hear you say that! That means the world to me … to have made them realistic enough. Thank you for the sweet words 🙂

  2. Wow! These cupcakes are adorable and so creative! I’ve never used rice crispy treats for decorations but I keep seeing people using them so maybe I should give it a try with this recipe!

    Elizabeth |

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I think using rice crispy treats in some instances tends to be a better option. Not only are they lightweight, they’re delicious! 😉

  3. I really have to admit that I didn’t realize that these are awesome plant looking cup cakes! To make them exactly as it is, I am sure it needs some practice, right?

    1. Actually, they’re not very difficult and I think the tutorial link I shared for the actual succulent was the best and easiest to follow. Give them a try 🙂

  4. I absolutely love these cupcakes, they’re original and look very yummy.
    But unfortunately I can’t give them a try myself, as I don’t know how to bake 🙁 I always fail at the deserts.

  5. These are incredible! My attempt at these would look more like seaweed or alge rather than a pretty succulent. I just want to buy them from you instead 🙂

  6. Wow! Those look incredible! I wish I had the talent and patience to create something so beautiful! Love the video too!!!

    1. You’re very welcome and yes, they sure are! They’re really popular…I’ll even be making these for a wedding later this year! Enjoy 😉

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