Back to School: 5 Easy Snacks

Recipe Round-Up: Five Easy Back to School Snacks

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Today’s Recipe Round-Up brings Five Easy Back to School Snacks!
It’s September, which means that kids and teachers alike have gone back to school.  School being
back in full swing makes everyone hungry, especially right after that bell rings!
These 5 great snack recipes will hit the spot and hold you over until dinner is on the table.

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 From sweet to savory and indulgent to healthy, there’s a snack for everyone in this post!
Each is easy to make and perfect for those “I’m hungry” call outs often heard when kids get home and start their homework routines.
Fruit, pizza, popcorn, cereal and
oatmeal are favorites everyone appreciates and we’ve gathered them
for you in this one post!  Enjoy!

There’s something about popcorn, white chocolate and crushed Oreo cookies
colliding that has everyone smiling like a 7 year-old.  Young and old alike
will definitely need a glass of milk to go with this indulgent snack mix!
Chex Mix by
Teaspoon of Nose.
Emma brings us a wonderful, savory snack!  This Chex Mix
will be your bff in no time flat.  With these ingredients, you’re sure to keep
a bowlful within reach as you hit the books!
Parfait Snack
by Her Eyes Her View.
Adilah shares a mildly sweet, yet healthy snack!  A yogurt
parfait with a little crunch and a lot of flavor is a definite quick pick-me-up
boost on those sluggish after school days!
and Easy Pizza Dip
by Couple in the Kitchen.
What kid doesn’t love pizza?!  Karen shares this awesome
pizza dip that is sure to satisfy that after school craving.  Kids of all ages
are sure to devour this dip in minutes with no regrets!
Oatmeal Bars
by The Pinstriped Pantry.
Marlie’s Oatmeal Bars are a healthy option that
also double as a breakfast snack!  They’re great grab and go snacks full of
simple ingredients that stave off after school hunger pangs!  It’s a win-win.
Thanks for stopping by this month and keep an eye out for October’s Recipe Round-Up!

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    1. Yes, please do Sarah. I always had to switch things up for my kiddos and these are some great options for you to try. Thank you for stopping by & have a sweet weekend 😉

  1. Reminds me of my high school days 😀 That pizza would make a kid say ”one last one please before i go to school” 😀

  2. What great snack ideas! I love the Oreo popcorn snack mix, and I’d love to try the pizza dip. I babysit during the school week, and I’m sure the kiddos would love to try some of these recipes!

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