Are Vanilla Spiced Sugar Cookies (or Chocolate upon request) that are topped and decorated with Royal Icing.  These are custom cookies that are made to order.  Cookies can be made to fit almost any theme and occasion…such as Anniversary, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Back to School, Game Night, Seasonal, Teacher Appreciation, Thank You and Weddings!  I also offer cookie pops, which are fun for kids and also come individually wrapped & bow tied.

If there’s something specific you’d like to know about, please feel free to ask!

Starting Price for customized cookies: $30/dozen (& up depending on customization)

Time Requirement:  3-4 weeks notice (more if possible)

Anything less is considered a “Rush” order and is therefore subject to a 30% additional fee

Amount Requirement:    Standard sized:   2 Dozen

 Mini:   3 Dozen

A variety of other cookies are available as well, such as Chocolate Covered Oreo’s, Macarons, Chocolate Chip, Iced (or not) Oatmeal, etc.  Please do not hesitate to inquire if what you’re looking for is not listed 😉


Come in either Mini or Standard size.

Basic Cupcakes are either Strawberry, Chocolate or Vanilla flavored and do not have any fillings.  They  are frosted with either a Traditional American Buttercream or a light and fluffy Swiss Meringue Buttercream, for those looking for a “less sweet” icing.  They are simply delicious and classic cupcakes!

Gourmet-ish Cupcakes come in a variety of combinations & flavors.  These flavors vary from White Chocolate Macadamia Nut to Cookies & Cream and everything in between.

Seasonal Cupcakes are wonderful cupcakes that are inspired by the flavors of each season, such as Banana Split and S’More during Spring & Summer to Pumpkin Maple and Cran-Orange Ginger in the Fall & Winter

Starting Basic Price:  $18/dozen

Starting Gourmet-ish & Seasonal Price:  $24/dozen

Time Requirement:  3 days notice for cupcakes
Anything less is considered a “Rush” order and is therefore subject to a 30% additional fee

Amount Requirement:   Standard:   2 dozen 

Mini:   4 dozen

**Of Note:  Fondant (or paper) cupcake toppers will increase the price of the cupcakes.  I strongly recommend a picture to be sent in for an accurate quote/price to be given at time of ordering**

Again, if there’s something you’re looking for that is not listed, please do not hesitate to ask 😉


Come in a variety of sizes and flavors!  I offer custom Occasion Cakes, which I make according to your specifications.   I also make a variety of Dessert Cakes, which are your traditional cakes such as Carrot Cake, Italian Cream, Pina Colada, etc., and come in a standard design.

***Occasionally, an Occasion cake can also be baked with the traditional Dessert Cake flavors***

Starting Price for Dessert Cakes:  $35 & up

Starting Price for Occasion Cakes:  $2.75/serving & up

Please Note: Above Pricing may change depending on theme, flavoring, fillings, fondant & added details, decorations and/or toys.  Please inquire for an exact quote on the Occasion Cake with the specifications you’re interested in having made and added on.