1.    What does it cost for a dozen Cupcakes?

Standard Sized ~~ Basic Cupcakes start @ $18/dozen

Standard Sized ~~ Gourmet~ish Cupcakes start @ $24/dozen

Mini Sized ~~ Basic Cupcakes start @ $18/2 dozen

Mini Sized ~~ Gourmet~ish Cupcakes start @ $24/2 dozen

2. What does it cost for a dozen Sugar Iced Cookies?

The price will vary on these as they are custom made!  Just to give you an idea, the most basic designs start @ $24/dozen. The more detailed the theme & design, the higher the price will be.  Please inquire about pricing in the “Contact Me” tab.  Please be as specific as possible, giving me the quantity, colors and theme desired as well as the date they will be needed by.  This enables me to give you an accurate quote.  Cookies that are individually wrapped are heat sealed in a baggie to ensure freshness!

As an alternative option, I do offer the Cookie Box Special, which includes a variety of about
15-16 cookies to fit your theme.  The cookies will be an assorted mix of both mini & standard  sized cookies that will be custom made by me @ my discretion~~Meaning, you tell me the theme and
color choices and leave the decor up to me to decide and create.  For example:  If you want the
theme to be a Baby Shower with green & blue as the primary colors, I will then choose the cookie
shape & design…whether they be shaped in a mix of onesies, bottles and rattles, it’s up to me. But
rest assured, you will get a set of beautiful cookies to fit your theme AND be tasty as well! The
Cookie Box Special is $30.

3. Do you offer other kinds of desserts?

Yes, I do!  I also offer: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mexican Wedding Cookies (cinnamon
and sugar),  Pecan Sandies, Car-Nutella Cookies, Macarons, Blondies, Brownies, Baklava, Marshmallows, Chocolate Popcorn Mix, Truffles, Petite Fours as well as a few pastries to name just a few!
If you would like something else that is not listed, please ask…I might have forgotten to list it 😉 Please
inquire on pricing!

4. Do you make Cakes?

Yes, I do!  Small specialty cakes ranging from Baby Showers to Weddings!  Aside from specialty cakes, I also make dessert cakes such as Carrot Cake, Pina~Colada, Italian Cream, Death By Chocolate and Hummingbird Cake to name a few.

Please inquire on sizing, flavors and pricing!

5. Do you deliver?

Only for large orders…over $150 and only within a 5 mile radius.  If it’s over 5 miles, please inquire
for delivery charge. I do, however, have that as an option for all of my customers.  My delivery fee starts @ $20 and it goes up from there depending on where the delivery location is.  It is customary for me to meet my customers somewhere here in town (Harlingen) to hand over their sweet treats at no extra charge.

6.  Do you give discounts?

At my personal discretion only!

7.  When is payment due?

Payment is due in full when the order is placed or shortly thereafter, which ensures your order on my
Calendar.  I will send you an invoice via email and this invoice is to be paid within 3 days.  If no payment is received within that time frame, the invoice is cancelled and your date is freed up for the next customer requesting that date.

I only take a limited amount of orders per week.  I request that a minimum of 2 weeks notice be given when placing or inquiring about an order.  Occasionally, I will have a short notice availability, but please understand if I refuse to take your order…it is nothing personal, I just don’t have the opening for your request.  I believe that each and every customer deserves to have me at my best!

For large orders (over $100), a deposit of 50% is required up front and is non-reufndable.  Balance
is due 2 weeks before event date.  No changes to your order will be allowed if it is less than 2 weeks before event date.