Cranberry Granola

Cranberry Cardamom Granola – With Video Tutorial!

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This post contains affiliate links and enables me to earn a small commission if you shop through them. This is how we help to make money so we can continue to bring you delicious content. I did it guys.  I think I might have just baked the perfectly delicious crave-able homemade granola. Really…I kid you not!!!!  The […]

Blueberry Cardamom Muffins

Blueberry Cardamom Muffins

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  I went grocery shopping the other day and saw some blueberries on sale.  Naturally, I bought a package even though I had no immediate need for them.  Why would I do that? Two reasons.  Reason number One: I am always thinking ahead.  Thinking “Hey, I haven’t had blueberries in quite a while” is my […]

Caramel Apples

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HAPPY NATIONAL CARAMEL APPLE DAY!!! One of my all time favorite fall treats is the Caramel Apple. More specifically, the Tiger Butter Apple from a well know chocolate candy store, but more on that another day 😉 I remember trying to make these growing up and the caramel always slid off.  I could not for the life […]

Chocolatey Indoor S’mores!

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One of the things I’ve always loved about summer is camping. Especially here in Texas, where summer is crazy hot, a nice cold-flowing river is a must! My husband used to go camping every year when growing up.  Me – not so much…but when we started our family, we began taking camping trips.  I’m talking about […]

Loaded Popcorn: The Force is Strong!

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It’s coming guys.  It’s right around the corner.  It’ll be here in 3 days! Eeeeek!!!!!! “What is this crazy woman talking about?” you might be wondering. Well, for those of you who are geeky and nerdy like moi, you might have already guessed it from the title of the post above ^^ but I am […]