Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition Award – I’m Nominated!

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You guys, I just got some great news.  There’s this little thing known as the Blogger Recognition Award and I was nominated *eeep*

Thank you Tee over at TeeShares who nominated me for this unexpected award!  I’m humbled beyond words and find it insane that my little, virtually unknown food blog was on anyone’s radar.  I don’t know if I should run laps in my backyard or if I should grab a brown paper bag and commence hyperventilating!  Either way,  someone needs to hold my cup of coffee!  Like for real!

Tee is a lifestyle blogger that is based in beautiful New Zealand.  She’s a jack of all trades in the virtual assistant/consultant arena!  Not only is Tee there to help you tackle any social media or email marketing but she is also able to help build and/or maintain your website.  Drop her a line if you’re in need of assistance in any of these areas or if you just want to chat about chocolate addiction 😉

Speaking of Chocolate, here’s a virtual slice of cake for you! 😉

Chocolate Cake Slice

Now apparently, I am supposed to answer a couple of questions as part of my acceptance so here we go:

How did Sweet Coralice start?

Hmm…good question.  My love of baking started when I was young.  There’s something about the way flour smells that is intoxicating to me.  If you ever have a minute, grab a hand full of it and feel its silky smooth texture as you rub it between your fingers.  It’s really something to be appreciated, especially when you think that most delicious desserts start with this simple ingredient.  A couple of years ago, I came across a photo of a custom decorated cookie.  I would have never thought a cookie could be transformed into something so … pretty.  When you think of cookies, most of us think Chocolate Chip or Oatmeal (or whatever other cookie drives you mad) but this cookie was special.  That cookie is what drove me mad and I’ve been in cookie-land ever since.  Today, I share recipes on baking and cooking on my blog.

My advice to new bloggers:

This one is tricky because I am fairly new at this myself but from what I’ve come to learn in this short period is

Foodstirs, Inc

#1 – Blog about something you truly love, be patient with yourself, breathe and fasten your seat belt…it’s going to be a beautiful bumpy ride

#2 – Remember, if you want someone to read your blog, you must read others in return.  Be kind and participate by commenting on their posts and share them on social media as well.  Befriending other bloggers are a tremendous help

And last but invaluable is

#3 – In order to keep yourself on track and not lose your sanity, INVEST in an Organizer or Schedule of some sort

I Nominate:

The second part of my acceptance is to nominate 10-15 other bloggers.  These ones I’ve chosen are some cool blogs that I’ve come across that are fun to read and follow.

Sam's Club -IOS

Don’t worry, they’re not all about food and cookies…like there’s anything wrong with that! 😉

In NO specific order:

1.  Southern Momma’s Reviews, Deals & Giveaways – (Lauren) Product Reviews, Offers & Giveaways

2.  Sara Camille’s Scoop – (Sara) Lifestyle, Travel, Food & Beauty

3.  The Mommy Mouse Clubhouse – (Mindy) All Things Disney!  Vacation, Travel Tips & Recipes

4.  My Clever Wallet – (Lisa) Finance

5.  Joyful Iowan – (Jenn) Food, Health, Beauty & Life

6.  Marcie In Mommyland – (Marcie) Tips & Tricks on Travel with Little Ones

7.  The Graceful Wife – (Nikki) Food & Fitness

8.  Sassy Townhouse Living – (Carolann) Home Decor, Garden, Crafts, Fashion, Hair & Beauty

9.  Toe of the Boot – (Olivia) Travel & Life in Italy

10.  A World of Dresses – (Nina) Travel & Life in Spain

11.  Clairebear Blogs – (Claire)  Travel, Food, Product Reviews and Blogging

12.  Bre Pea Blog – (Bre) DIY, Crafts, Food, Blogging & Family

13.  Fire + Wife – (Kaitlin) Blogging, Life, Finances, Marriage, Travel & Product Reviews

14.  Dreaming is Believing – (Dylan) Blogging

15.  My SoCaled Life – (Erika) Personal Stylist & Trainer

Congratulations to all of the above!! 

What Now?

The Nominated Bloggers are up next.  These are your rules:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated you…*ahem* that’s little ole me.

2.  Write a blog post about the award – which you guys are pretty well aware of what that entails!

3.  Briefly tell us about these two topics:      A.  How did you blog get started?      B.  Provide a minimum of 2 pieces of advice for new bloggers.

4. And lastly, choose another 15 bloggers that you feel should be nominated.  You must comment on their blogs letting them know they

have been nominated for this award, AND provide them with a link to your post.

Okay, so that is it.  Whew!!  Thank you guys for bearing up with my long-winded-ness today.

If you are curious about this Award, as I was, here is a link for you to read up on it 😉



18 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award – I’m Nominated!

  1. Hi there, Cori!

    I noticed your link back to my award post (thank you for that, by the way, it’s appreciated!), and wanted to stop by to say congratulations on your nomination. 🙂 I’m no cook, but I so have to agree that the texture of flour is just heavenly! I love that little story about how your blog got started — I’ve seen some really wonderful dessert designs in stores and online, and I think that is just such a fun way to express your creativity. Delicious, too!

    Your pieces of advice are spot on. Blogging is most definitely a beautiful, bumpy ride that you need a lot of patience for. You won’t last long if you don’t enjoy the subject, and you get what you give when it comes to readers.

    On another silly note, one of your recommended related posts is “Chocolate Peanut Butter Buckeye Candy” — I just ate some of those babies!! LOL.

    Congrats again, and thank you for participating. 🙂

    1. Hi Eve! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to take a look at my little blog, lol. I truly appreciate it more than you know. Yes, Peanut Butter Buckeye Candy is so totally addictive, isn’t it!? Have a wonderful day 😉

  2. Congrats on your nomination and thank you so much for nominating me in return. I really appreciate it. 🙂
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

  3. Congratulations. I’m a little confused though, what does the ‘award’ mean? Do you get anything physical or is it a sticker for your website? I’ve seen a few of these around and don’t really get it.

    1. No, there’s no physical award given unfortunately ? (JK ?) I was confused myself when I first came across the different posts but there is link at the bottom of my post that goes over what it’s about in more depth for those, like myself, that are unfamiliar with it ?

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