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Penny's Soaps
Penny’s Soaps

There’s something about homemade things that tug at my heart strings from time to time. Certain foods take me back to being a kid…a time when our whole house smelled fan-tas-tic!!! Tortillas, for example, are one of those comfort foods for me. When my grandma would make these, they were ALWAYS delicious, fluffy & perfectly round…mine, however, are never round no matter how hard I try!

It didn’t matter if you were standing right there smack dab in the middle of the kitchen beside her, if you were clear across the other side of the house, or playing outside in the fields (which in my case, is where I could usually be found!) you knew what you were in for once you got a whiff of it!!!

In my opinion, fresh tortillas demanded to be slathered in butter, rolled into a tight little taquito, devoured immediately and then this procedure had to be repeated at least 2 more times…at least! I mean there’s quality control and then there’s quality control done my way!

And let’s not get into her Aroz con Pollo…

Funny thing is, I’ve tried many, many versions of these foods and…No matter how great tasting they are, they just don’t compare to the real thing…homemade by someone you love!

They say certain scents also trigger nostalgic memories…which is probably why I’m partial to my grandma’s cooking! Although she passed away a long time ago, I still think of her when I smell the aroma of fresh tortillas being made down the street…I might show up knocking on my neighbors front door with a batch of cookies as a trade off one of these days, now that I think about it!

Today, though, I have decided to share with you something else that is also homemade with a hint of nostalgia, not to mention fab-u-lous! That, my sweet friends, is…my favorite soap!

Here’s a special Shout-Out to my lovely friend, Penny, who makes this wonderful soap in her rustic, yet quaint little nook of sorts…just outside her house! She makes these not-so-little soap bars from scratch using all these “fancy” ingredients that end up coming together rendering a product that rivals all these other name brand soaps…well, at least in my opinion, they do!

Foodstirs, Inc

Before coming to know Penny, or her product, I had tried a few other “homemade” soap bars that just didn’t work like a soap should…you know, like get you clean! Ugh, they were such a disappointment time and again…so much so that I stuck to store bought ones.

Then our girls met and I tried her soap… Oh wow, what a difference, I kid you not! Penny, aka The Soap Lady, produces such a high quality soap that not only lathers richly, but is good for your skin and leaves you lightly scented!

Her soaps come in a variety of beautiful fragrances. They are hand wrapped in either Vintage Chenille or Vintage Sheet scraps and tied with a raffia ribbon and a dainty flower – as seen in the picture. Pretty attractive, aren’t they! Plus, these soaps are pretty big, therefore, last a long time…it’s a win-win!

She’s located in Victoria, Texas and can be found at several craft shows in the Victoria, San Antonio and Houston areas. There are even a few hotels and bed n’ breakfast’s that carry her soaps as well…puuurdy nice huh, huh!

My 3 favorite bars:

Sam's Club -IOS

1**Fresh Linen (’cause, this scent takes me back to hanging laundry on the clothesline with my grandma – to this day, I love the smell of freshly washed laundry, esp sheets!  Weirdo…I know!),

2**Oatmeal-Almond (’cause I’ve got sensitive skin…shhh, don’t tell!) and

3**Sweet Rain (’cause…well, I love the rain and yet again, it stirrs up those memories of being a kid and playing outside while it rained…something my grandma encouraged!  Which is sadly, an extremely rare thing to see these days – Why is that?)

As I had previously mentioned, my mission with this new blog is to share with you the things that I love and stand by…

Penny’s Soaps are one of those things. I think you’ll be impressed with them yourselves so why not head over and visit her website: http://thesoaplady.info  and take a look at all the different soap options she has to offer (along with their benefits) and order up a few to give them a try out.  They make great gifts, too!  If you’re unsure, then why not try out the smaller Travel Size bars, which by the way are awesome for the little hands in your home (if you have any) and for the bathroom and kitchen sinks or handwashing stations 🙂 I’m sure you’re going to love them!!

Thanks for letting me share some nice memories! Have something you’d like to share back?

Go ahead…tell me about some of your favorite things, be it nostalgic, homemade or just fond memories you have, I’d love to hear about them 😉

What are your thoughts?