Closing 2016

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2016 has been a whirlwind year for my family and I, as I’m sure it has for most of you, too.

We’ve been involved in several weddings this year. Weddings for the kiddos of friends.

It’s like my kids and these kiddos decided to grow up and get married…or “Murray”ed in the blink of an eye!

Kiddos that I saw grow up right before my eyes. Kiddos that have spent the night in my home. Kiddos that have hung out in my back yard on cold nights – roasting marshmallows, laying in the hammock, telling stories … being fatties 🙂

Kiddos that have sat at my dinner table playing card games and laughed so loud that I couldn’t hear the TV show I was watching. Kiddos in pj’s, ponytails, half off socks eating breakfast – and on occasion, making breakfast.

Kiddos that have had my munchkins over at their homes in return. Kiddos that have gone on vacation with us. Kiddos that became close, if not, best friends with my munchkins. Kiddos that have made me laugh so hard, I cried … or snorted. Or pee’d … kidding.  Or am I?

Kiddos that have been there in tough times for my family and I. Kiddos that are just … loved beyond what they’ll ever understand.

 It’s been wonderful seeing you grow up before our eyes … It’s like you’re one of our own …

Foodstirs, Inc

Most have moved away … some further than others Yet every time we get together, it’s like a family reunion – bitter sweet in a sense.

Now, I anxiously await the time when we’ll all be reunited – just where we left off and looking ahead to a brighter future with better adventures!

With that in mind, I thought I’d share a few shots of our intertwined lives over the past few years.

2017 is around the corner and I can’t help but wonder what it’ll bring for not just my family and I but for each and every one of you in your new lives.

** Photos are in random order.  Not all were taken by me.  Sorry guys **

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